Chill Eastern Wind

 The best Scottish songs are sad songs.  Chill Eastern Wind is the mournful lament of a heart-broken lad who lost his fickle love. 

Little Bridget Flynn

Little Bridget Flynn is a haunting tune of an ages old conflict between bachelor sons and their matrimony-minded parents. Even though the song is 200 years old, the message still resonates today.

The Fox

 The sly fox (we're sure he's Scottish)  raids a farm for some dinner to take back to his family.  Although the poem is from the 15th century, it's still a lot of fun to sing today.    All fox pictures courtesy of our talented friends at Yeates Photography  Please check out their other photography work from Teton National and Yellowstone National Parks. 


Celtic Christmas 2018

Part 1 - Featuring

Come and Be Welcome

Child in the Manger

Butterfly, The

Cliffs of Moher, The

All Hail to the Days

Celtic Christmas Part 2

Restroom Door Said Gentlemen, The

Mary's Boy Child

Star Above the Garter, The

All Through the Night

Belleau Wood

Celtic Christmas Part 3

Little Dummer Boy / Peace on Earth

Star in the East

Si Beag Si Mhor

Taladh Chriosda

Malad Welsh Festival 2018

We were caught on camera during Max White's road trip to the Malad Valley Welsh Festival.   See 5:00 minute mark.